Banjo Farm: LIVE!


BANJO FARM is  a family friendly music/puppet/banjo/bee variety show!

Go on a musical journey with Lucas, Rufus, and other characters to the Banjo Farm- the only place where the INSTRUMENTS get to play. This free-form, audience involved show has been performed with Oklahoma’s Metropolitan Library System in Association with Allied Arts.

This 45 minute show is perfect for elementary assemblies, parties, or even at the American Banjo Museum in Downtown Oklahoma City! 

Features: songs from ‘Banjo Farm‘ album, puppets, instructions on how to craft your own instrument; can be customized to fit the occasion/age range/time frame.


For 2 weeks of July, 2017 I travelled around the Oklahoma City metro putting on 19 shows including music, puppets, and a banjo. Every show was unique and customized to fit the audience. Now BANJO FARM is available for YOUR program!