With “Weird Al” Yankovic… again


1275773_715967015884_826623818_oI have long been a fan of “Weird Al” dating back to my first accordion purchase at a Minco garage sale in 1993. Having listened to him in my youth eventually I would see him in concert a few times. When I was in college he came to my school for a show and I got to open for him:

lucas opening for Weird Al 2000

I struggled through 15 minutes of zero material but didn’t get to meet him OR get my accordion signed…


Over the next 4 years we would cross paths but it wasn’t until 13 years later I finally got to have a conversation with him. Here it is:

I finally got my squeeze box signed:
Signed Accordion

And he even posed by my ‘Kermit Door’:
Weird Al with Kermit Door




Oh and we shot a commercial together too: